STENCIL IT #6 – Ground and Pound

100_4291Your stencil is cut and it’s spray-time! But wait, what about the rest of the piece?

1. Basically everything is possible and the combinations of materials, paints and techniques are endless – Go nuts! But keep in mind: The background is meant to support your stencil or even interact with it – that is why it deserves some thought and work!

2. Material: Wood, metal, cloth, plastic etc. – use the look and the texture and make them contribute to your piece. Why not mix materials or make collages?

3. Paint: Acrylics, watercolour, ink (…) – your choice may produce an interesting contrast to the spray-painted stencil. And why not try coffee, ketchup and cigarette ashes and see what happens?

4. Technique: Smear, splatter and squash – do something that a spray can can’t! And while you’re at it, let time and elements do some work too – metal can rust, wet paint moves and mixes, wood changes…

5. In the best case scenario the background design has a connection the content, atmosphere or message of your stencil. Find a way to make that happen!

Sometimes it’s almost impossible to calculate results of a new idea. You should do it anyway – great effects might happen that you never thought of. By the way: Nothing says “I’M ART” like canvas – don’t let that thing talk to you like that;)


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First Cuts

100_4226another workshop is starting off pretty well!

the kids are learning about bridges pretty quick and spraycans – you just gotta love them!

it also turns out that foam rubber sheets are easy to cut and can endure much more than paper. i’m looking forward to see what else these guys will come up with and what happens when we finally get to take on a nice wall… let’s keep cutting!!!

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STENCIL IT #5 – The Background Stencil

cruising angel background stencil1. You want to add a second color to your piece? Well, technically you’re entering multilayer territory here but this is as basic as it gets!

2. Spray your stencil to get the outline or trace it with a pencil. Then cut the new stencil by simply following the outline of your piece.

3. You may need to add bridges even here and that can get tricky. Luckily it’s not important how they look. Put the bridges where they will be covered up by the actual stencil.

4. A little variation may occur between the two layers while cuttin or spraying. That shouldn’t be a problem. Sometimes this even produces more depth!

The background stencil is a good idea – especially in streetart. You can make your piece pop out on any surface! Feel free to experiment with this concept and find new ways to use it!

Back up your style!


cruising angel black gold Kopie

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STENCIL IT #4 – Don’t fear the Pixel

ali pixels1. You have a photo, want to make a large stencil and get a load of pixels on your printout – what of it? Go cut away!

2. You’ll have to interpret curves and edges in your own way. You can go smooth or jagged just as you think is right.

3. There will be more artistic choices to make and therefore the piece will show more of your style!

4. Lonely pixels and small clusters might be floating around. Decide if and how to cut them. They may contribute to the expressive power of the piece!

5. In the end your stencil may not have too much detail but just because of that it may come out even more powerful!

Don’t fear the pixel – your resolution counts!


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shotta props #2

tkIMG_9286art is not just about paintings or pieces. it’s also about context, flair and atmosphere. in a way this is the frame for what you’re doing – and you want it to look good.

so big thanx TK, for your, ideas, feedback and skill with photography and filming!!!

if you need professional pics in the berlin area, i will happily refer you!

here’s a selection of what he is doing for me:

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STENCIL IT #3 – Bridge over troubled Nothing

hatchet bridge examples 02Bridges are the soul of the stencil!

1. They don’t just keep your stencil from falling apart, bridges also give contour and structure to your piece. So don’t treat them as a technical nuisance – bring them to life!

2. Make them elements of style rather than disturbances in your piece. You can make people forget the bridges or you can make people admire them – anything goes!

3. The straightest, shortest and smallest line may not always be the best choice. Look for natural connections and use them. The easiest way is to connect areas that are already pretty close to one another – but be careful not to create or enhance unnatural lines.

4. You can plan them in your graphics software, draw them on your print-out or make them up as you go along cutting. Initially you might want to leave more connections than you need for stability and later cut out those that you don’t want.

5. Burnt bridges? Not in stencils! Everything can be repaired or added later with glue or tape!

There are a million ways to do this and it’s your style – keep it together!


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art gets you 01a piece of art about art? well yeah – and it was a lot of fun throwing that punch!

(poster: 1,8 x 1,26 m)

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