The MADVERSARY – SciFi Monster built from scratch. A lot of different materials went into this. The armour elements are made out of rusty spraycans, also there are a lot of cables and other elements from electronic gadgets and some parts have been modeled with air dry clay. Everything is held together with black silicone.

Some parts can be removed and reattached, the mask, cannon and front armor are fitted with magnets so they stay in place.

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spinning on a record player for an all around view:


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images from the process:

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BARBARIAN BARBIE – when playtime is over, the game begins!

can you believe they threw me out into the street, naked in a cardboard box? after all they did to me? fuckers.

no more hairdressing, house-playing and cabrio-riding! and ken, that idiot, what is he good for anyway? all this shitty pink hurt my eyes and i couldn’t even stand on my own feet, stupid rubber legs. well, now i can and then some… so, you wanna play? let’s see how far your legs twist and what’s inside your head! we’ll have so much fun together!

and one more thing. don’t call me barbie. call me “oh, god, please, nooooo…”

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The Keys of War


Troll, hate, comment, fake – pull the pin and let your shrapnels fly!


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Whatcha gonna do when they come for you…

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Colourful Chaos

a school project is building up some potential – let’s see what the kids can do in the end!


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What’s new #5

simg_3207background experiments and a mini series with the cruising angel and the bender in vibrant colours!

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Brainzapping #2 – Collage Series

Catastrophy and Luxury – just a flip of a page in a magazine. How do we oscillate between OMG and YOLO a few hundred times a day?

This series is about cutting it up and sticking it to one page – you’ll decide which ones are just cheap shots and what gets you thinking.

Also take a look at the start of the series here: brainzapping.

Have fun and keep in mind:

All this might be an ambush!!!

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