darkface #2

ambush portraitlight and shadow… make it pop!

lots of work and fun to do. tried new techniques with the background and used almost all text stencils i got. there is always something new to discover – keep playing!

take a look at the stencil and the first version here.

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where there is a derelict building there is graffiti and that means there are cans! i’ve been piling up everything there was at this site and found some interesting stuff. some of the brands or editions i never had in my hand before – spraycan archeology, haha!

out of roughly 300 used cans in various stages of decay i picked the most interesting pieces. now i got enough material to continue the metalworks-series – let there be rust!!!

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darkface 01

don’t look so angy, it’s just a test!

spraying white – i never did that before. and it seems that portraits draw some power from a black background, here made with marker and paint. the complete stencil will be coming soon when i got a piece of wood that is large enough. and if you’re interested you’ll find the original foto by rcm here.

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more vandal training

lmo100_2736ideas are hard and cutting is tough, but when they finally get a hold of the cans there is no stopping them, haha!

well, kreuzberg, you ain’t getting any younger but i’m sure there are some youngsters willing to paint over your wrinkles…

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with the flow

flow doodle 04 detailfat tip and pitch-black ink – let’s paint stuff!!!

i’m still figuring out what i want to do with that thing – for now it’s happily going with the flow:))

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little vandals 02

k20141029_141443my little stormtroopers:))

good job cutting your first stencils!

may the walls be with you!

danke simon, anne und florian!

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shots in the dark

tools, paintings, beers and smokes… and my face – boy have i been blitzed!

rcm, i’m starting to think you know what you’re doin’!

thank you very much for this fun shooting!!!

some more rcm-shots here!

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