ambush on your back

af100_4947pimp my shirt!

and my bag, and my jacket and whatnot – more ambush art walking, rolling and flapping around. this way i can wear my hawaiian style shirts again, hähäh!

see you soon when i spray YOUR back!

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Street, Cans and Video

screenshots from video

ambush on the streets – what does that look like?

I’ve been taking along the action camera for some time now collecting scenes of the city and me spraying stuff. Finally there is enough good stuff to make a fast paced video! Currently I’m editing and struggeling to get the best scenes in there and not to overdo it. A few more days and it will be done!

for a first impression you can check some short the previews:

if you like, let me know what you think!

see you in a bit!


editing screenshot

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ambush at work #1

s100_4851ART ART ART!

Four Days working at Morgenrot Gallery Berlin – great to have the space and the time to do all kinds of stuff! a new project got it’s premiere, i did new stuff with old stencils and got some more practice with the flowpen. thanx to everyone who stopped by an especially to ma, ma, and gi for your support! see you at the gallery!

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one on the banksy 02 The “Flower Thrower” by Banksy, you all know it.

Well, since there is no good riot without cops – what might the other side look like? When one is throwing a bouquet of flowers instead of a molotov cocktail, what does the other one do? Soap bubbles and teddy bears to keep it light. A cop throwing money (the “Riot Extinguisher”) is another level – I’m sure you’ll make some sense of it.

I felt it necessary to make a COPY of the Banksy piece and put the two together. However, since the first part is not my design, I will not make a profit from selling it. So whenever someone buys a copy of the “Flower Thrower” I will DONATE the money to charity organizations in Berlin caring for kids and homeless people. Not robbing the Banksy – just taking out a loan!

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Third Cuts

h100_4600FROM BLEAK TO FREAK – what a colorful chaos!!!

wall stages 02something new in the schoolyard to twist the eyeballs – the only drug involved in creating this was GRAFFITI! for a few weeks the kids were cutting and spinning ideas for the theme: “Die Helden des Alltags tragen keine Orden.” – Everyday Heroes don’t wear Medals.

great to see how they learned and planned and worked and finally went for it… !

to see how we got there take a look at First Cuts and Second Cuts!

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color spikes steps 06activity-day in school – you can imagine what happens when you break out the cans… well i was able to put some colourful spikes in my own wall and defend it against most attacks. here is how that went:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

and the rest, well, it was a battlefield! more than twenty cans were discharged in high frequency and no quarter was given here. letters were written, cannabis leaves and penises were drawn only to dissappear moments later. paint’s gone, school’s out – fun stuff!!!

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STENCIL IT #9 – The Multitool


1. Your stencil may be very intricate, even a piece of art in it’s own right but it’s really a tool to make a painting. Although you’re basically “printing” an image nobody says that you’ve got to do it the same way every time.

2. Sure, you can vary colors and backgrounds but why stop at that? Make your stencil do more!

3. Partial Print: You don’t always have to use the whole thing. Choose a smaller format than usual and spray an interesting section of your motif. This way you’re creating a new composition with a balance and focus different from spraying the whole piece. Where the format ends you’re leaving space for imagination.

4. Combination: Merge or combine stencils that originally had nothing to do with each other – make something new! You may get weird, funny or absurd pieces, sometimes there may even be a perfect match. Just try stuff!

5. Design Element: Parts of a stencil can provide interesting patterns. You can use them to spice up other pieces.

It’s like hacking your own stuff – you make a tool for one purpose and then you explore what else it can do. Go play!


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