What’s new #2

hIMG_12452New ideas, fresh fails, things being cut and glued and sprayed…

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Metal Blox

bsIMG_1071back to building more stuff from cans! these are going to be backgrounds for stencil pieces. check out the first attempts with this method: rusty bender and mini vader!

gotta buy more nails now. see you later!


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Tiny Bomber

little virus 03Here’s the little rascal – 360 degrees in all dimensions!

you’ll see the big brothers here (true glue) and here (more constructions) – let’s build more stuff!!!

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il fotografo

il fotografo poster01spice up that portrait!

tribute piece for my friend TK – i tried to go beyond a plain portrait so here we have some distortion and the white-on-black-method – take a look at the original photo (below) by RCM to see where that comes from.

the shooter got shot and now he’s been sprayed!

il fotografo steps

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Workin’ it #4

exit strategy girl 3new stencils and old ones, they’re all thirsty for paint – let’s give ’em some!

and in between all that there are some new ideas brewing…

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What’s new #1


Stuff keeps going on and there is always more to try – don’t stop!

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STENCIL IT #10 – Colour by Numbers

Here’s a simple method to make your stencil pieces pop – there are no numbers here but it’s almost as easy.

tigra steps

You spray your stencil to gain orientation on where to put the colous.

Then you go nuts with any paint you like! Use various colours for different areas and highlight important parts. You can also let the background shine through.

Finally you spray your stencil again on top of all that.

l cg steps

Make sure that stuff in the background doesn’t mess up crucial parts of your stencil (like the eyes etc.). If you’re not satisfied, have another go with paint and the stencil on top of that.

surfer steps

Basically this is meant to create different levels in your piece, to give it some depth. If you worry about wasting paint, don’t! Art is not about saving but about going all in until you’re satisfied!

Go colour!


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