@Neonchocolate Festival Berlin 2016

ncIMG_2224Art market and festival with friends from überGANG and Ventilkunst – thanx!

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Metal Bouquet

flIMG_1896Let them bloom!

Cut the empty can into stripes and start constructing – no glue, just hooks and cut-up fingers… there are plenty more ways and styles than these examples show, so try and find your own!

and as always: watch your fingers and have fun!


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What’s new #3

RAINBOW SHRAPNEL from ambush art on Vimeo.

cut, splash and built – let’s see what is possible with this glorious invention that is the SPRAYCAN!

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What’s new #2

hIMG_12452New ideas, fresh fails, things being cut and glued and sprayed…

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Metal Blox

bsIMG_1071back to building more stuff from cans! these are going to be backgrounds for stencil pieces. check out the first attempts with this method: rusty bender and mini vader!

gotta buy more nails now. see you later!


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Tiny Bomber

little virus 03Here’s the little rascal – 360 degrees in all dimensions!

you’ll see the big brothers here (true glue) and here (more constructions) – let’s build more stuff!!!

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il fotografo

il fotografo poster01spice up that portrait!

tribute piece for my friend TK – i tried to go beyond a plain portrait so here we have some distortion and the white-on-black-method – take a look at the original photo (below) by RCM to see where that comes from.

the shooter got shot and now he’s been sprayed!

il fotografo steps

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