fsmokey dragonDon’t count the cuts – make ’em count!!!

Here’s a growing collection of posts that might be useful:


drazen petrovic stencil stepsSTENCIL IT #1 – Get the most of your picture


yoda stepsSTENCIL IT #2 – Make something NEW


hatchet bridge examples 02STENCIL IT #3 – Bridge over troubled Nothing



ali pixelsSTENCIL IT #4 – Don’t fear the Pixel


cruising angel background stencilSTENCIL IT #5 – The Background Stencil


100_4291STENCIL IT #6 – Ground and Pound




from darkness stepsSTENCIL IT #7 – From Darkness


kissmydarkside textstencilSTENCIL IT #8 – You talkin’ to me?!?


dsc_4222STENCIL IT #9 – The Multitool




tigra stepsSTENCIL IT #10 – Colour by Numbers


Exit Strategy Stencil Production by ambush for web from ambush art on Vimeo.

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