STENCIL IT #7 – From Darkness

from darkness steps

Spray light and let the darkness do the rest!

1. You have an image that is very dark. Modify it to black and white and bring out the important details.

2. Keep in mind: Here you cannot have black islands – they will have to be bridged.

3. Cutting may turn into a brainteaser sometimes. If you’re used to cutting black areas it might help your orientation to invert the colors before printing. This way you can keep cutting out the black as always but will be spraying white later.

4. Choose or make a dark background. You can do whatever you like there but don’t let it interfere with crucial areas of your stencil.

5. Be careful with the composition, the placement of the stencil. The distance from the rim on your canvas or whatever can be very important – there may no color to be sprayed but the empty space may still BELONG to the motif.

By the way: You can use a dark background with every other stencil as well. You just need a background stencil that you spray with light color and then your main stencil with a dark one.

May The Shadows Serve You Well!


ambush portrait

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5 Responses to STENCIL IT #7 – From Darkness

  1. ash says:

    Wow! Your tutorials are super helpful! Thanks so much! By the way, what do you use to make and cut out your stencils?

    • ambushart says:

      hey ash! thanks! i usually prepare my stencils in photoshop, then print them and stick them to a piece of cardboard. for cutting i use a fine and sharp blade – nothing special.

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  3. Wayne says:

    Way better than a photo, Willy.

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