shots in the dark

tools, paintings, beers and smokes… and my face – boy have i been blitzed!

rcm, i’m starting to think you know what you’re doin’!

thank you very much for this fun shooting!!!

some more rcm-shots here!

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thumbs up, posters are going out!

Like Blow Drawing the Winnersthanx robert for picking the winners and congrats to peter, michele and jean – an ambush is coming your way!


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tissue samples

tissue sampleslooking for the organic and the unpredictable – drooling, creeping, mixing, almost alive for a while…

your eyes are probably searching for something to make sense of… what do you find?

these experiments in acrylic will be mad backgrounds for stencils!

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like blow poster details by ambushThis is blog-post number 100! Thank you all for your interest in my art and your support!

Without you this wouldn’t make sense!

So these three pieces are for YOU!!! (52 x 46 cm, on poster paper taken from Berlin streets)

like blow three posters by ambush

If you want one just let me know – mail/message/comment/like/call or simply tell me!

I’ll draw the three winners on thursday, 16th of oktober and send the posters on their way to you when I got your addresses.

Thumbs up to you my friends and good luck!!!

sneakily, your ambush;)

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ambush art show opening

that was cool!

walls full of my art, some new pieces made for the first time and people looking, laughing and wondering…

the suicidal minor dolls had their first public appearance (cool stuff, thanx guys;)) and three paintings (or sprayings?) found new artloving owners!

thank you for sharing that with me!!!

special thanks to manja and marcus for making this happen!

(shots by e.m. – thanx!)

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yoda darkside on paint stencil by ambushFreunde!
Es gibt lecker Frisch-Gesprütztes!

Ich hab wieder ausufernd mit meinen Schablonen gespielt, Plakate von Wänden gepellt und Dosen bis zum letzten Pfffft geleert.
Was für Schweinereien da sonst noch gelaufen sind, erzähl ich euch lieber persönlich. Also kommt vorbei und wir schauen uns das ganze gemütlich bei einem kühlen Drink an!

Join the ambush!

Freu mich drauf!!!

AMBUSH ART SHOW 2014 setting it up from ambush art on Vimeo.

place to be: Galerie Manja Morgenrot, Mainzer Straße 6 in Friedrichshain, BERLIN

see you there on friday, 12th of september, 8 pm!!!


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push my button

yeah, it does feel good to get the “thumbs up”, right? so gimme!

please appreciate what i did and don’t keep that to yourself but rather do it publicly!!

i don’t even wanna know the whys and the hows, just click and push my button!!!

like blow stencil on fence by ambushwell, actually sometimes i do wonder what might be going on in our heads when we “like” something. and i’m pretty sure there is quite a number of possible reasons, motivations and feelings behind that little click…

don’t you sometimes wish there was a “fuck you” button? would be so much easier to make a few good virtual enemies…

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