little meanie…

… walking the streets with a head full of… well, a lot and then some.

good to know there are always places to go and stuff to be found to mess with!

meanie stencil by ambush berlin fhain 2014the very first one ever sprayed actually found a home – a girl saw the stencil and asked me to paint it on a box she was carrying. done! maybe i’ll get a picture of that later.

meanie stencils by ambush berlin fhain 2014and watch out – little meanie keeps walking!

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How to make a demon skate…

Imagine an angry and evil beast with horns and claws and everything – you want a real mean mthrfckr! Summon it from the realm of dark arts with any spell (googol or otherwise) you got!

MonFaePG33bWhen you crossed that line it should be easy for you to find a kiddy with kneepads – steal his deck, no regrets!

board 01Make the beast get on board and don’t be a wuss – break and rearrange it’s limbs until it fits! That’ll make it even angrier so show some kindness and at least give it wings. And be aware that no sorcery is complete without a menacing jagged shadow – cast it!

skate demon stencil print by ambushFinally: Pull it into the world with a sharp blade, cut, stab, sweat and bleed until the thing is real!

skate demon stencil detail by ambush

Then set it free…

skate demon stencil by ambush

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Who took the Bender?!?

When you’re doing streetart, you’re doing it for the people of the city and you want them to see it, maybe have a laugh or snap a picture. You never know how long a piece is going to last and most of the time you’ll never know how people liked it.

But sometimes…

one tough bender

This one just seemed to beg for it – a discarded mattress at the entrance of Hasenheide Park in Berlin, perfect for the wasted Bender. I spray the stencil in the afternoon sun, talk to some people while the paint dries and think it’s a funny piece that will be gone tomorrow or the day after.

Three days later Bender is still there. Two days more and he’s lying flat, also somebody spilled something (don’t wanna know what) on the mattress – not pretty but I put him upright again and into a corner. The next day a friend sends me a link to a newspaper site – a photo of Bender in a gallery about Berlin streetart. And a little search brings up some shots on flickr and other sites. Nice to know that people liked it!

So I go and check in on him again. I find that writers tagged the mattress – not crossing the piece but placing their tags neatly beside it. Taggers respecting streetart? Cool!

Ten days later I pass by the spot and the mattress with the tags is still there. But Bender isn’t. Somebody cut out the piece of fabric with the stencil on it. Really? Yup!

So now I hope Bender survived the (quite necessary) washing machine and found a comfy spot. And maybe, just maybe, someday I’ll stumble into someone’s flat and there he’ll be, greeting me from the wall… see ya soon, buddy!!!

bender stencil by ambush shot by rcm

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face your dragon

dragonface stencil by ambush first testthe beast is out of the cage!

i’m guessing you all know the feeling when you finally finished a stencil and want to see if it really looks like what you planned… well, now i am sure this is gonna work!

this is a first try and an improvised combination of two much larger stencils.

so stand back for the beast is coming with everything it’s got… soon!

dragon stencil by ambush first test



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stay sharp

dragonface velcro and knivesthis is a tough one!

you probably know how it is to make a stencil of a face. you really want to capture the expression – while constantly having to neglect details and leave bridges where you’d rather not. sometimes that is a real brainteaser… but seeing that it works and how everything is coming together makes you keep going!

as a little trick i started using velcro-tape to avoid blisters. pretty useful this time cause the cardboard has got splashes of dried paint on it – tough surprises, but they won’t stop this!

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How to be a stencil artist

Have an idea – don’t get too picky, any idea will do.

Steal the images you need from the web – don’t worry, you’re an artist, people expect that from you.

Doodle away with your graphics software with a lot of breaks for coffee and funny videos.

Cut the stencil but take your time and complain to your friends whenever possible about the hard work.

Spray the stencil – preferably on some random stuff on the street so you can also be a street artist.

Upload a photo to all social media sites and tell everybody about it.

Relax and wait to get famous.

When you get bored, start from the top.

(that’s how i do it, please don’t tell anyone.)

barbed wire surfing how to stencil by ambush

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gone baby gone

gone baby gone bender stencil by ambushyesterday he was still sitting miserably on his rusty metal ass with a tear in his eye (or is it a raindrop?), last night somebody finally took him home!  after five days that is not too soon, because people are starting to built a house on that spot. let me know where you are now, you mechanical maniac!

think i’ll watch the video again…

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